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and the bees and the flowers and the trees and the moon up above, and a thing called love -- Jewel Akens

Thursday, November 29, 2012

I am on my knees here.

The Stewpot in Natchez, MS, needs some good knives and good potato peelers. I'd say 4 paring knives, a good carver, and a couple of good 8" chef knives, 3 or 4 potato peelers. I found that I liked using the 7" santoku for many chores, too. Forschner has proven adequate for most purposes here.

The Stewpot feeds the hungry. I volunteered for Thanksgiving.

UPDATE: Never mind. I found some reasonably priced Paula Deen knives at Walmart. They might not be the best, but they're a sight better than what they have.

(Do I even have to say?)
Sawyer Brown

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I told you not to piss me off.
I guess that's about it for this blog.

Truly, such jerkoffs. Do you call this a 'beating'?
Corb Lund

(Thanks, Scott Chaffin. This one makes Charles Gore howl like Mr. Wolf.)
I am up to my neck in aprons around here, but I like this one, too.
How about a Dinosaur Egg for the young'uns?
Look at this line of shawls.
A cool Christmas pendant for somebody.
I am going to make a point to see this on December 14. Lyman and I attended something similar the first year of our marriage. It was a lot of fun.

Friday, November 23, 2012

Do I need to keep crediting you, sir?.
And that's what you get for going with a kinky-haired boy.
Reel Big Fish

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Monday, November 19, 2012

I have a play date with Lana tomorrow. She's coming over to help me plant snapdragons and pansies.

(Thanks, Alan Jacobs.)

New plate rack and botanical painting

DSCN0993 by Janis Gore
DSCN0993, a photo by Janis Gore on Flickr.

This wall has been giving me grief for nearly 20 years.

I'm happier now.

The Wedgwood earthenware was something I had from years ago.

Mr. Crider is a lot of fun: Tommy James and the Shondells
Lynyrd Skynyrd

Sunday, November 18, 2012

For Thanksgiving, I'm fixin' to volunteer for the local Feed the Hungry organization. The money I would have spent on dinner will go to local food pantries, instead.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Honestly, someone needs to a grip here. I did get those cards out by the way, about a month after I'd personally called the sponsors.
Now, I've received a request for a picture of Lyman to be in a memorial video. I like this one.

What do you say?
From Bill Crider:

From Mostly Cajun, Ode to Joy

(Thanks again, Bill Crider.)
The Shadows
Bert Weedon
Neil Young Harvest

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

That'll wear you down.

I was on the phone this morning to AT&T. As of this morning, I have split my land line service off from the Internet, and managed to save more than 50% on monthly phone bills.

Vonage called with an introductory offer that guarantees a bill of $9.99 for the next three months, jumping to a whopping $32 something after. That includes unlimited long distance in the US, and unlimited long distance to 60 foreign countries. So even after the introductory rates expire, I'll still be paying half of what we were paying before -- $114 and something.

Hey, I worked for a long-distance co. that was one of the original competitors to Ma Bell's long distance service, established not long after MCI hit the scene.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Oh, and I celebrated Veterans' Day by going to Sunday brunch with my Vietnam vet brother.
Alex de Grassi
Well, shhe-ut, I've lost another wash cloth. Now where did THAT one go?

Durn! I didn't put it in the laundry, it was still hanging on one of the bath rods.

Oh. Good Lord, the other washcloth was under the clean bathmat lying on the chest at the foot of the bed. It's gonna be a LOOOONG middle age.
Occupy Sandy is doing relief work on Staten Island and at other hard-hit areas in the NYC region.

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Monday, November 5, 2012

Now then, if you have a favorite charity that you believe would be helpful with Sandy victims, please post the website or proper gadget code in comments. I'll add it under the HELP banner.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Petula Clark
When the boys moved on, Michael asked to take Pierrette and Pierrot. I considered that fair, since it belonged to his grandparents.

I found this Renoir screened on canvas, at least 24x30". It is out at Dianne's for framing in a wide gold frame.

That will replace the tapestry. I'll post a picture.
Home Depot has tips about hurricane safety, and important how-to's regarding safety, and aftermath.

My kind of women.

(Thanks, Mr. Crider, again.)

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Isaac Hayes
The black yard guy is cleaning the storage room off the carport today. He's almost exactly a year older than I am.

The windows are wide open.

We like the same music.
Sly and the Family Stone
The Five Stairsteps

I'm crazy about this woman -- her looks, her voice, the way she moves. Is she still alive?

From Soulful Detroit -- Update for the Five Stairsteps: This is 2006 December 6th. Alohe (Ramijimar S. Habeeb-Ullah) changed her name in 1980 in Oneonta, New York. She is enjoying her retirement. She likes Sci-Fi, science, technology, and exotic animals. She helps with social causes for all people including American Indians and Black Americans. She worked as an archaeologist, Atlanta Zoo with the Pandas. She is a scientist.
It's so foggy here this morning, I can't see more than three blocks in any direction.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Persian rug

Persian rug by Janis Gore
Persian rug, a photo by Janis Gore on Flickr.
I never said I didn't like drama. I just don't like adolescent drama.

My mother crocheted both throws, this red one and the purple one.

I'm rebuilding my own life here, y'all. My husband died in July. If I lost it, I'd start something else again.

I talked to a man from Bay St. Louis this morning. He lost everything in Katrina. He said, "Houses are just bricks and sticks. I'm free now."
Icepick found Your Post-Hurricane Home Inspection Checklist in Popular Mechanics.

(Thank you, dear.)
If you plan on donating to the American Red Cross, go to They and their partners will match your donation. The minimum donation is $10.

Rodrigue's Blue Dog

Rodrigue's Blue Dog by Janis Gore
Rodrigue's Blue Dog, a photo by Janis Gore on Flickr.
A donation piece. 500 bucks to the Red Cross.

It symbolized -- for me -- Ivan, Dennis, Katrina, Rita, Gustav, Isaac, and which one took out Galveston? Ah, yes -- Ike.

A prominent display in our home.

Now it symbolizes Sandy, too.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

You should have something to add to that, Mostly Cajun, regarding the danger of fire after a hurricane. He lost his house to fire after Rita.

Anything you'd add, Icepick? (Icepick is a Florida boy.)
TastyBits, a South Louisiana boy, offers these tips to hurricane victims --

If you know anybody who has been affected, here are a few tips to pass along:
1) GET FLOOD INSURANCE. (for everybody)
2) Have somebody help them go through their things, and keep them from tossing everything. Five years later, they will wish they still had some of the things they tossed.
3) Warped, splitting, cracked wood can be repaired. Dry it as best as possible, and get a furniture restorer later.
4) American made sofas cannot be replaced, but they can be re-covered.
5) Reputable contractors will have a waiting list, and they will be more expensive. Make temporary repairs, and wait for a reputable contractor. A local contractor should have been in a previous year’s phone book.
6) Get the roof repaired as fast as possible, but use an established roofer. Wait for a reputable roofer.
7) A carpenter is not a contractor. A butcher and a surgeon cut muscle, but a butcher is not a surgeon.
8) The place will be crawling with scammers. Scammers will promise twice much as a reputable contractor. The scammer will purchase the building material in the day, and the materials will be stolen that night.
9) The Insurance Company is not your friend. The settlement will seem high, but everything will cost twice as much. They will also include cheaper materials – stain-grade fir vs. paint-grade pine.
10) The government is not your friend. Once you get into and understand the system, it is a lot easier, but it takes time and patience. Also, the people who cheat have much less to lose. Do not take their advice.
11) People will need 6’ long tables with the plastic tops. The more surface space the better. Folding chairs are helpful also.
12) Plastic totes work better than boxes, and you can use them for years afterwards.
13) A used sofa is better than nothing, and a $250.00 Big Lots sofa works great.