Life is for the birds --
and the bees and the flowers and the trees and the moon up above, and a thing called love -- Jewel Akens

Saturday, June 7, 2014

To be fair to myself, I need to change the blog.

I was kicked out of an English class this week for being too able ( It was an act of mercy by Dr. Adams.)  Taking introductory psychology online in place. ( How could I be so naive about the prices. We're talking $300 a credit hour.)

Yes, I'm a student. I told  you this is what I would do. And I like it.

Lucy is still with me . We'll be comfortable here, in an office/kitchen/bedroom/bathroom/outside spaces duplex in the garden district in Monroe, LA.

Charles Gore is still living with the vet. There is no great news about him except that he has learned how to belch.  Can that be so much worse than a hacking cough? We'll all see.

Lucy is becoming more expressive. It will be hard to tell how much she hated Charle Gore's guts. She certainly had no patience for his dominance.


  1. Too "able"? Does that mean you were ruining the curve for everyone else? I've been thinking about you lately, but held back on e-mailing. I never quite know where boundaries are with on line relationships, you know? But so nice to hear things seem to be going well. Does "garden district" mean the area homes have lush, extensive gardens? We don't have specific areas like that up here, where some years (like now) you can't really start working on anything until mid June, and the August suns kills all but the most hardy plants.

  2. I wasn't really kicked out. I had enrolled in it as a refresher. The last time I was in classes that required writing was 27 years ago, and thought it might be wise.

    After a day's participation and a writing sample, Dr. Adams thought my time and money would be better spent on something else. I am aiming to become an occupational therapy assistant.

    The best description of the garden district is one I found at This Old House.